Punjab Cabinet Will Demolish VIP Culture
Img: Twitter@Capt.AmarinderSingh

Chief minister captain Amarinder Singh on his meeting said that his government will demolish VIP culture from Punjab, and the decision of ban of red beacons from government VIP’s vehicles is part of his demolish move.

Presenting his statement Amarinder Singh said “The VIP culture has eroded the democratic system of the country and alienated the common people from their own leaders, whom they elect with a lot of hope and expectations. I urge public figures to respect people’s sentiment”.

In his subject matter he also impulsed his party members & other elector representative to not make it matter of their prestige. Further he added “My government was committed to demolish the VIP culture in the state, as mandated by the Congress manifesto. “Such VIP frills were a legacy of the per-independence era and had no place in a democratic and progressive society like ours.”

As per his decision al red and blue beacons will be off from government’s vehicles with immediate effect.